Spiced grilled shrimp, fresh white peach, and a tangy peach vinaigrette come together with arugula, iceberg lettuce, Parmesan cheese, halved pecans, basil, red onions, and cherry tomatoes, creating a vibrant and satisfying combination

Cloud-like creamy soft bread filled with luscious peach whip and peach filling and wrapped in a white chocolate coat

Three luscious layers of peach perfection in one bite: a velvety peach mascarpone cream cheesecake, swirled with ribbons of peach jelly, and crowned with fresh, juicy white peach slices

Mini delight with layers of Oolong white Choco ganache, juicy peach compote, along with fresh white peach and a sprinkle of pistachio

Baguette sticks dipped in garlic butter

PB Signature pastry wrap sandwich with cheesy chili crab meat mix added with crunchy crushed walnut and spring onions.

Miso Banana Cheesecake with caramelized walnut sauce with a good balance of sweet and salty flavours

Scrambled eggs with cream cheese on PB natural yeast toast, served with smoked chicken sausage, turkey bacon, roasted sweet potatoes, and berry mesclun salad.

Decadent and rich prawn and shrimp broth soup, served in a bread bowl alongside citrus mesclun salad.

Beef pastrami, red onion, gherkins, emmental, mayo, served with dried citrus mesclun salad.