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    • Join PB Family

    Join the PB family, where passion meets pastry! 🥐🥖💙

    Come join the PB family, where passion meets pastry! 🥐🥖💙 Whether you’re a cook, a skilled baker, or a dedicated member of the service crew, we’ve openings for everyone! 👨‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳 Refer to comment section for the full list of positions available.  

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Let your taste buds go Oohlala! 😍

    Indulge in a tropical paradise with our Mangococo Bread! 🥭🥥 Soft cream bread filled with flavourful dried mango dices and coconut, topped with a sweet mango jam drizzle and sprinkled with delicate desiccated coconut. Every bite is a blissful escape to sunny shores! 🌴☀ Try it today and let your taste buds go Oohlala! 😍

    • Mother's Day

    Celebrate the heart of every family – MOM. 💖

    Today, we celebrate the heart of every family – MOM. 💖 Whether near or far, we’re cherishing Mom, Today and Always. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the incredible mothers around the world, your love, sacrifice, and endless support inspire us every day. 🌷

    • Mother's Day

    Show your mom how much you cherish her !🌸

    Show your gratitude with our Thank You Always, Hazelnut Chocolate Cake – layers of rich chocolate sponge, decadent hazelnut mousse, and creamy hazelnut custard, enveloped in luxurious chocolate mousse. Topped with fresh cream and strawberries, it’s a heartfelt way to say ‘thank you’ to Mom!

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Wrap up your week on a sweet note ! 🥭 🥥

    Wrap up your week on a sweet note with our irresistible treats, featuring our tantalizing MangoCoCo Danish! Indulge in our delightful Buttery Danish pastry, generously filled with luscious coconut and sweet dried mango. Topped with a burst of freshness from a mango jelly sphere, it’s like a tropical vacation in every bite!

    • Catering

    Small in size but HUGE in flavours! 🥊

    Enjoy 6 pieces each of Egg Mayo, Tuna, Salmon, Cranberry Chicken, and Mushroom Cream Cheese mini tartlets that’s perfect for gatherings with very bite! 

    • Mother's Day

    Cherishing Mom, Today and Always

    Indulge in the Love Always, Berry Yogurt Cake – a delightful blend of vanilla sponge, berry yogurt cream, and luscious strawberry filling, all wrapped in our signature fresh yogurt cream. Topped with a beautiful bouquet of fresh strawberries, it’s a sweet gesture she’ll adore!

    • Mother's Day

    Cherishing Mom, Today and Always

    Show your gratitude with our Thank You Always, Hazelnut Chocolate Cake – layers of rich chocolate sponge, decadent hazelnut mousse, and creamy hazelnut custard, enveloped in luxurious chocolate mousse. Topped with fresh cream and strawberries, it’s a heartfelt way to say ‘thank you’ to Mom!

    • Instagram Down

    Our Instagram account is temporarily down.🥖🛠

    In the meantime, we will continue to post news or updates on our Facebook page, so be sure to Like and Follow our page! We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Come join us on this adventure! 🌟

    Indulge in our latest addition of Peri-Peri Mango Chicken Pastry Wrap Sandwich. Savour marinated grilled Peri-Peri chicken with the tropical sweetness of fresh mango cubes, complemented by creamy avocado chunks, all wrapped up in our signature pastry wrap. Try it today and treat yourself to a burst of deliciousness!

    • Square 2

    Be there or be Square! 😋

    Our newest outlet at Square 2 and we’re offering 2 special opening promotions!

    • Mushroom Soup Bread Bowl

    Creamy and flavourful. 🍄🥛🍞

    For a limited time only, savour every sip our dreamy mushroom soup nestled in a warm, freshly baked bread bowl or in a cup at a special discounted price of $10.5! Hurry in to our Raffles City, ION, and Jewel outlets to treat yourself to this mouthwatering offer until 30 April!

    • Let's Paris!

    Stand a chance to WIN big! ✈️

    Ever dreamt of watching 11-time Ligue 1 Champions team PSG live? ? What’s for grabs? Not 1 BUT 2 VIP tickets to catch PSG’s Last Home Match of the Season 2023-24 live, and receive a generous SGD 3,500 travel voucher to plan your trip to Paris, covering flights and accommodations. How to enter: 1️⃣ Spend […]

    • Catering

    Few clicks away from the best treats. 📱🥐🍰

    Enjoy an irresistible 10% off your first PB Catering orders with promo code: PARTY10OFF ? Scan the QR code or visit catering.parisbaguette.com.sg to place orders for your delicious cravings! ?

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Layers of pure deliciousness. 😋

    A creamy canvas for all the mango and passionfruit goodness with burnt caramel finish that takes your dessert to the next level! ?? Enjoy 3 bottles of the Mango Passion Royal Pudding with a special price of $15! ?  

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    New tropical paradise! 🌴

    This delightful tart features a flaky coconut crust filled with passion fruit posset, and topped with refreshing basil mango cubes with a dollop of fresh cream at the bottom. ?? Enjoy a slice for only $9.90 (U.P. $13.10) with any other purchase! ? *This tart is only available at Raffles City, ION & Jewel! ⏱️ […]

    • Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Oohlala! Tropical Temptation

    Get a taste of tropical paradise with our Oohlala! Tropical Temptation offerings. ??☀ Enjoy and refresh yourselves with a range of products featuring tropical fruits like mango and coconut flavoured breads, cakes, and desserts that will make you go “???????!”. ??

    • 2 for $39 BRUNCH PROMO

    It’s brunch o’ clock somewhere. 🌤🥓

    Each bite of our brunch offering is a harmonious blend of flavours, ensuring every moment is infused with brunch bliss. Don’t miss our special promotion: 2 for $39 until 30 April! Only Available at Raffles City, ION Orchard and Jewel Changi Airport outlets. 

    • Let's Paris!

    Fully-paid trip for 2 to Paris.

    Paris, a global centre known for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. What else? One of the best-known football clubs in the world! Stand a chance to win a fully-paid trip for 2 to Paris to watch Paris Saint-Germain from the VIP stands.

    • Miso Banana Cheesecake

    Sweet, savoury and tasty!

    Indulge in layers of creamy cheesecake intertwined with the richness of miso-infused bananas, topped with caramelized walnut sauce with our ??? Miso Banana Cheesecake! ??. ?

    • International Women's Day

    Happy International Womens’ Day!

    Today, we celebrate the strength, determination, and resilience of women everywhere. ??‍♀ Paris Baguette wishes every woman a Happy International Women’s Day. ?

    • Crozza

    French, Italian and Asian flavours in one treat. ??????

    ? Spice up your life with our ???? ?????? ??????! Featuring a unique blend of aromatic Asian spices and creamy cheese. Available at all PB stores from today! ?

    • Leap Day

    An extra special day! 🌟

    Every four years, we’re gifted an extra day – February 29th, the Leap Day! ?️ Be sure to turn this leap year into an adventure, leap into joy, and leap into the delicious moments with our ???????? ????? ??????? that make life extra sweet! ?✨

    • Crozza

    Calling all mushroom lovers!?

    Our ???? ???????? ?????? ?????? is a dream come true with a medley of four delectable mushrooms paired with gouda and emmental cheese. Try them all and experience the deliciousness of Crozza for yourself.

    • Crozza

    Introducing Crozza. ??

    The perfect fusion of flaky croissant and tasty pizza toppings! ?? ? Indulge in the ooey-gooey goodness of our ?????? ?????? ??? ??????! Three types of cheese perfectly melted over savoury ham.

    • Chap Goh Mei

    🍊 Happy 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒑 𝑮𝒐𝒉 𝑴𝒆𝒊 🍊

    Embrace the spirit of love and destiny as we honor this beautiful tradition together. Happy Chap Goh Mei! ??

    • Valentines Day

    Fall in love with Adagio Coffee. ?

    In this season where love fills the air, we fill the aroma with the smell of our coffee! ☕

    • Valentines Day

    Rosy Love Celebrations

    This Valentine’s Day, elevate your celebration with our ????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? – a fusion of romance and sweetness! ???

    • Chinese New Year

    Happy Lunar New Year! ?

    May the year of the dragon bring you and your loved ones bundles of joy and happiness! ??

    • Chinese New Year

    Celebrate the sweetness of the Lunar New Year with our desserts! ??

    Indulge in the prosperity of flavour with our ???? ???????? ???? ????, and ???? ???? ?????? ??????????, and enjoy the taste of good fortune with the ??? ??? ????????? ???????. ??

    • Valentines Day

    Enjoy the sweetest symphony of love.

    Looking for a sweet surprise for your special someone? Our Valentine’s Day special yogurt cream cakes are the ideal gift to express your love. ?✨ Experience the romance in every bite when the luscious yogurt cream meets the mouth.??

    • PB Day

    Double the ???? this PB Day! ?

    Enjoy 2 of your favourite short cakes of yours for only $18*! ? Enjoy this special promotion from today to 9th Feb (Wednesday). ?

    • Chinese New Year

    Celebrate this Lunar New Year with a delicious twist! ?✨

    In addition to the long-awaited ang baos, surprise your loved ones with the golden crunch of prosperity – the “??? ???” Croissant Cracker topped with caramelized pineapples.??? ?

    • Fortune in Every Bite

    Bored of the same old Chinese New Year desserts? ??

    Time to step up your game and surprise your guests with ????? ???????? ????????’? dessert platter boxes! ???

    • Lychee Raspberry Royal Pudding

    Savour the fusion of flavours!

    Indulge in layers of luscious lychee and raspberry mousse, nestled on a bed of creamy milk pudding. ?✨

    • Golden Pastry Pudding

    The taste of comfort. 🍮💛

    Enjoy sweet pastry cubes soaked in velvety custard, dusted in snow powder magic.❄✨ Give a cozy hug to your taste buds today! ??

    • Bugis Junction

    Bugis Junction store is officially reopened. ?

    Enjoy not one, not two, but three special reopening promotions! ?

    • White Sands

    Time to get your feet in the sand! ⛱️

    Great news Pasir Ris citizens, we are now baking at ????? ?????. ? Enjoy special opening promotions of 5 for $10 soft breads*, and enjoy the LocknLock x PB Picnic Box for only $9.9 with any purchase from today to 29th Feb. ??

    • Croissant Day

    Happy Croissant Day! ☕?

    Celebrate the flakiness that dreams are made of ✨ Take a sip, take a bite, and let the magic unfold. ☕?

    • Croissant Cracker

    Listen to the ultimate crunch.

    Indulge in the irresistible flakiness, crispiness, and sweetness all in one bite! ??

    • Croissant Cracker

    You need to try this! ??

    All you need is 2 CRISPY ??????????? ????????? ????????, a tub of ice cream and your favourite topping. ?

    • Dark Choco Pistachio Cake

    Get a slice of the new ???? ????? ????????? ????.

    Dig into layers of dark chocolate mousse, dreamy pistachio custard cream, brownies and chocolate balls with every bite! ??

    • Golden Citrus Beginning

    Celebrate the ??? year with our ??? orange delights!

    ??????? ?????? ?????????? ?? Creamy cheesecake with refreshing burst of crystal jelly, embedded with fresh orange slices. ? ?????? ???? ???? ???????????? Experience the perfect blend of orange jelly, velvety orange cremeux, and earl grey mousse, all nestled within layers of heavenly vanilla sponge. ? Step into citrus paradise at any PB stores today! ?

    • Blueberry Roll Cake

    Say goodbye to all your blues! ?❌

    Introducing our brand ??? ????????? ???? ????. ?? Enjoy layers of cake sheet and refreshing burst of blueberry-infused cream, rolled to perfection. ? For a limited time, savour this treat at a special price of $15 with a minimum spend of $15. (U.P. $17.5). ?

    • Croissant Cracker

    Unveiling our latest obsession..

    The ??????????? ????????? ???????! ?? Try it out from your nearest PB outlet today! ?

    • Croissant Cracker

    Wish your loved ones good fortune!??

    Taste the extraordinary crispy croissant, topped with caramelized pineapple and a sprinkle of plum powder with the 5 for $12.5 bread bundle*. ??

    • Croissant Cracker

    We’re all nuts!

    About the ?????? ????????? ???????. ?

    • Store Renovation

    ?️?????????? ?????!?️

    New look for the New year! Paris Baguette at Bugis Junction will be temporarily ?????? ???? ? ???????.

    • Croissant Cracker

    Tradition and innovation. ??

    Experience the festive spirit with our “??? ???” Croissant Cracker, a fusion of crispy delight and exotic taste! ??

    • Croissant Cracker

    A croissant that’s nut-so ordinary! ?

    Bring your snacking game to a new level with the rich and nutty Almond Croissant Cracker. ??

    • Croissant Cracker

    New year, new creations!

    Crafted to perfection and available in three irresistible flavors: ??????????? Croissant Cracker, “??? ???” ????????? Croissant Cracker and ?????? Croissant Cracker. ?

    • Dark Choco Pistachio Cake

    Ring in the New Year on a sweet note! ?

    Elevate your celebrations with layers of luscious Dark Chocolate mousse, dreamy Pistachio custard cream, and topped with fresh cream, fresh chocolate cream, brownies and chocolate balls. ?

    • Strawberry Yogurt Charlotte Cake

    Embrace the Extraordinary! ??

    Enjoy a slice of unique fresh yogurt cream cake with fresh strawberries, lined up with ladyfingers. ??

    • Happy New Year 2024!

    Thank you for making 2023 special. ??

    ????? ???????? sends you warm wishes for a year filled with joy, love, and endless sweet moments. ?? Here’s to an even sweeter year ahead! ???

    • Blueberry Yogurt Charlotte Cake

    Share the love!

    A splendid dance of fresh yogurt cream, sweet blueberries, and soft delicate ladyfingers awaits you.??

    • Strawberry Yogurt Charlotte Cake

    Royalty in a cake.

    Be hold and ready to receive your invitation to Queen’s teatime at her summer palace. ??

    • Hillion Mall

    Our 18th outlet in Singapore!

    Say Hi to our team at ??????? ????! ??? Our ??????? ???? outlet is open from 8am to 10pm daily. We can’t wait to serve you! ?

    • Chinatown Point

    Hello, ????????? ?????!

    Our ????????? ????? outlet is open from 8am to 10pm daily. Come on down, we look forward to serving you! ??

    • One Holland Village

    Pawsitively delightful experience!

    Our ovens are fired up, and we’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our newest store at ??? ??????? ???????! ?☕️✨

    • Guess The Flavours

    Guess The Flavours!

    Put your taste bud detective hats on! ??️ Swipe to see the different combinations we whipped up to put a unique twist on traditional cake flavours for Christmas this year. ??

    • Guess The Theme

    Let’s play a little game. ?

    It’s that time of the year! This Christmas, we’re planning something very special for you and your party. ? Guess the theme of our Christmas campaign this year! ? Psst.. the words of the campaign are mentioned in the caption.

    • Sweet Chestnut Peanut Crumble Bread

    Bound to make your day sweeter. ?

    Morning, day or night, the ????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ????? is perfect for any time of the day. ?️? Bite into crunchy peanut crumble textured bread with diced chestnuts inside! ?

    • Sausage Sensations

    Sausage Sensations!

    Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or an exciting twist, we have something for every palate. ?

    • Sweet Chestnut Peanut Crumble Bread

    Uncover the ????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ?????! ??✨

    A sweet bread with peanut crumble topping that adds an irresistible crunch to every bite. ? The ????? ???????? ?????? ??????? ????? is filled with diced chestnuts, waiting to delight your taste buds. ?

    • PB Day November

    Sip & Savor ?☕

    From today until November 9th, indulge in an unbeatable combo of $8 Pastry & Coffee Set*! Where else could you get a delightful pastry paired with an aromatic cup of coffee, all for just $8? ??

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    Hot, Toasty and Tasty! ?

    Enjoy the ???? ???????? ???????? with layers of cured beef pastrami, tasty melted Emmental cheese, red onions, gherkins and mayo sauce. ???

    • PB Catering

    ????? ????????’s Sandwich Box

    Remember to enjoy 10% off your first order with ?? ??????? ????????! ?

    • Community Care Day

    ????????? ???? ???

    From November 1st to November 30th, enjoy a FREE slice of mouthwatering Monde Selection Gold Award Winner; ?????? ????? ???????? with purchase of any handcrafted beverage at Paris Baguette! ????

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Goodbye, ??? ?????? ???????®.

    Today marks the last day of the ??? ?????? ???????®. This is your last chance to enjoy the ????? ???????® ???? ????? ???? ????? and all other ????? ???????® products. ?

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    No weekend plans? ?

    Try out our mouthwatering new creation: the ???? ????? ????? ????????! ?? Enjoy this exquisite flavour of our savory tuna pesto mix, melty cheddar and mozzarella cheese, with the perfect finishing touch – the delectable mayo sauce. ???

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    ????? ???????® ?????? ?????? ????

    eat yourself to bites of perfection and experience the magic of our ????? ???????® ?????? ?????? ????. ??

    • Supreme Vegetarian Salad

    NEW & 100% vegetarian option!

    The ??????? ?????????? ????? is a colourful and veggie-packed salad is not just a feast for your eyes, but a treat for your palate! Say goodbye to hunger and guilt and hello to guilt-free indulgence. ???

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    A timeless classic with a twist! ?️

    Savor the rich flavours of ?????? ??? & ?????? ????????, the perfect melted Emmental cheese with French ham in a crispy breading with Dijon mustard sauce in every bite.??

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    A symphony of flavours.

    Featuring a savoury tuna pesto mix, gooey cheddar and mozarella cheese with mayo sauce. ??? ???? ????? ????? ????????, a combination your taste buds would appreciate. ?? 

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    Nice to ???? you..

    ???? ???????? ???????? ???. Don’t miss out on this hot-toasty sandwich with layers of cured beef pastrami, tasty melted Emmental cheese, red onions, gherkins and mayo sauce. ???

    • Hot & Toasty Sandwich

    NEW ??? ??????????!

    Three mouthwatering options toasted to perfection, on-the-spot. Have it with a side of fresh green salad. Our ??? ?????????? are available only at our Raffles City, ION and Jewel outlets.

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Double the trouble. ?

    Enjoy a crusty pastry adorned with delightful ????? ???????® sauce and two types of ????? ???????® sandwich cookies, promising a burst of flavours with every bite. ???

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Soft and buttery almond pastry.

    Generously infused with ????? ???????® spread and topped off with a ????? ???????® biscuit. ?? Enjoy the ????? ???????® ?????? ?????? ?????? with the 3 for $12.50 pastry bundle from your nearest PB outlet today! ?

    • 313@somerset Outlet Closure

    Thank you, 313! ?

    As we set out on a thrilling path of expansion, we are saddened to inform you that our ???@???????? outlet will no longer be serving you from 16th October (Monday). While this chapter may be closing, we invite you to continue your wonderful ?? experiences at the nearest ?? outlet at ??? ???????. ?️??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    A soft, creamy and crunchy journey. ??

    The cute-looking ????? ???????® ???? ????? ???? ????? is infused with ????? ???????® flavoured cream, and topped with ????? ???????® biscuits crumbs!

    • Salted Butter Bun

    Simple yet wonderful combination.

    The ?????? ?????? ??? offers you a crisp crust on the outside and incredibly soft fluffy inside with a great buttery salty taste that leaves you wanting more! ?

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    A golden perfection. ??

    Every bite is a symphony of flavour and texture! ?? Get the ????? ???????® ??????????? ?????? ?????? as part of the 3 for $12.50 pastry bundle!*

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Share with your loved ones!

    Immerse yourself with the delectable goodness of the ????? ???????® ??????????. ? Sweet perfection with every bite! ?

    • Childrens' Day

    Happy Childrens’ Day!

    ????? ????????’? ?? & ?? ???? would like to wish a joyful children’s day to every kid in the world! ??????

    • Store Openings Celebration

    ?????? the tastiness ?

    From today until November 30th, we’re celebrating our grand openings at all Changi Airport Terminals by treating you to ?????? the caramel syrup goodness in every ???????? ????? ??????? bottle! ??

    • PB Catering

    Bring ????? ???????? to you!

    Enjoy 10% off your first order with ?? ??????? ????????! ? Visit catering.parisbaguette.com.sg today!

    • Changi Airport Terminal 4

    Great news just landed! ?

    Now you can enjoy your favorite pastries, sandwiches, and coffee 24/7! ? Whether it’s a pre-flight treat or a post-landing delight, we’ve got your cravings covered at any hour. ?☕

    • Singapore's Best Customer Service

    Singapore’s Best Customer Service Award

    We’re thrilled to announce that ????? ???????? has been awarded the prestigious Best Customer Service Award in 2023/2024 by The Straits Times! ??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    The perfect smooth and creamy cheesecake.

    Treat your taste buds to the sweet, dense and rich heartwarming embrace of this extra-rich, no-bake delight. ??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    3 ????? ???????® Pudding for $15!

    Savor layers of ????? ???????® flavored jelly, rich Biscoff mousse, and our signature creamy milk pudding. ?? *Promotion is not available at T3, T4 and Jewel outlets.

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    10% OFF your first Catering order!

    Elevate your catering experience with these delectable treats! ?? Enjoy 10% off with no minimum spending!

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Spread the joy of ????? ???????®!

    Combine Paris Baguette’s masterful creations infusing the iconic, one-of-a-kind crunchy and caramelised biscuit taste of ????? ???????®, you know you won’t be disappointed!

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Indulge your sweet tooth!

    Dig into a crispy, golden crust, filled with a velvety ????? ???????® almond butter filling. It’s a match made in dessert heaven! ?✨

    • Natural Yeast Milk Loaf

    Experience bread like never before.

    Crafted with the finest ingredients including our signature natural yeast, ensuring a taste that’s simply irresistible. ??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    A trio sure to bring a smile to your face! ☺️

    All 3 products are available for selection of the 3 for $12.50 pastry bundle*. Get yours at any PB store today! ?

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    ????? ???????® ???? ????? ???? ?????! ⬜?

     This mini cube toast is filled with ????? ???????® flavoured whip cream and.. ??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Lotus Biscoff Royal Pudding

    Indulge in scrumptious layers of Lotus Biscoff flavoured jelly, flavourful Lotus Biscoff mousse cream pudding and signature creamy milk pudding. ??

    • Korean Honey Castella

    Monde Selection Gold Award

    We’re thrilled to announce that our ?????? ????? ???????? has been honored with the prestigious ????? ????????? ???? ????? earning recognition for its exceptional taste and quality! ??

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    A sweet adventure for your tastebuds.

    In an exclusive collaboration with the iconic ????? ???????, Paris Baguette is about to take your taste buds on a sweet adventure. ?

    • Big Lineup Biscoff

    Two iconic brands collaborating!

    Stay tuned for a mouthwatering experience you won’t want to miss! ??

    • PB Catering

    ?? Catering: Suitable for All Occasions. ?

    Are you hosting a celebration, or simply craving our delectable treats? Our Catering Boxes are here to elevate your gatherings! ?

    • Quattro Cheese Pound Cake

    Say cheese! ??

    Experience the ultimate fusion of flavors as we combine the richness of not one, not two, but FOUR exquisite cheeses: Camembert, Parmesan, Cheddar, and Gouda. ???

    • Morning Coffee Promotion

    Start your mornings with a touch of goodness. ☀️

    Indulge in our refreshing ?????? coffee* at an irresistible price of just $2.80 with ??? food item purchase! ☕

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    A Spicy Thank You from Us to You! ?

    The sizzle may be gone after today, but the warmth of your support during our ?-????? ????? ???? campaign will definitely linger! ??

    • Chamchi Kimchi Egg Ppang

    We heard you! ?

    Due to popular demand, we are glad to announce that the ??????? ?????? ??? ????? will be a permanent product at all Paris Baguette outlets! ??

    • National Day 2023

    Official ???????? ????? ??????? holder. ?

    Did you know that our ????? ???? ???? is an official ???????? ????? ??????? holder? It’s the world’s best selling roll cake. ??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Eggs-citing Korean Egg Bread! ?

    This delicious pastry features a crown of luscious egg yolk atop soft bread that is filled with spicy tuna and stir-fried kimchi mix. ?️??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    A savoury pastry like no other. ?

    Indulge in a pleasing combination of authentic Korean flavours with kimchi and delectable chicken ham, embraced by the comforting richness of a flaky, buttery pastry. ?️?

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Triple the Spicy Temptation! ?️?

    Try the ?????? ??? ??????? ?????, ??????? ?????? ??? ????? and ??????? ???-????? with the 3 for $12.5 promotion today! ???

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Egg, Kimchi or Tuna sandwich? ?

    Why not all 3 with the ??????? ?????? ??? ????????!?? ?

    • National Day 2023

    Happy 58th Birthday, ?????????! ??

    Paris Baguette would like to wish everyone in ????????? a Happy National Day! ?

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    National Day celebration ?

    Let’s make this year’s festivities unforgettable with the ????-???? ????-???? and ??-???? ??-????! ??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Add some spice this weekend! ?

    Enjoy your weekend with the ????-????? ????-????? or ??-????? ??-?????! ??

    • teatra tea

    0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine! ?

    ?????? tea; a guilt-free tea! A calming tea brewed expertly into a bottle for you to enjoy with an eased mind. ??

    • Morning Coffee Promotion

    Your mornings are about to get better!?

    Indulge in the delightful ?????? flavors of Americano, Cappuccino, or Cafe Latte, all for an incredible price of just $2.80*, with no purchase required. ?

    • PB Day Aug 23

    Celebrate both PB Day and National Day this month! ???

    Satisfaction for both your taste buds and your wallet guaranteed! ? *Additional charges apply to drinks priced more than $6.2. ☕

    • Jem Reopening

    We’re back better than ever at Jem! ??

    To celebrate and thank you for your patience, we have a special promo just for you. ??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Behind the ?-Scenes! ?

    Wonder what the inspiration for our ?-????? ????? products were? ?️?  See what sparked our creativity and drove us to design these fiery flavours!

    • Korean Omija Tea

    One berry, five different flavours. ?

    Made from handpicked premium dried magnolia berries, you can enjoy the traditional Korean ????? Tea in two different variations. ??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Small in size, but huge in portion sure to fill you up! ?

    Bite into filling of mouthwatering Korean-style spicy beef Bulgogi and delicious chicken sausage in the ??????? ???-?????! ??

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    A flavor-packed trio in one delightful box! ?

    This 3 different flavoured mini sandwiches are sure to fill you up! ?? ?

    • K-Spicy Ppang Fair

    Buy 5 Get 1 ?-????? ????? ???? item for free!

    This is the your best chance to indulge the ?-????? ????? ???? fiery treats! ? Starting today, simply purchase any 5 ?-????? ????? ???? items* and get an additional 1 for FREE! ?

    • Korean Omija Tea

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