Refreshing lemon vinaigrette vegetarian friendly salad with mushroom, cheese, cherry tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce and mixed greens.

Honey mustard dressing salad with Cajun spiced chicken breast, avocado, egg, cucumber and mixed greens.

Creamy house-made caesar dressing salad with skinless chicken breast, boiled egg, grana padano cheese and romaine lettuce

Multigrain toast sandwich with seasoned tuna mix, egg mayo, artichoke, black olives and lettuce

Baguette sandwich with caesar chicken mix, bacon, tomato and lettuce

Wrap sandwich with baked chicken, seasoned vegetables with sweet chili and ranch spread

PB signature pastry wrap sandwich with shredded chicken mixed in mayo and dried cranberry

PB signature pastry wrap sandwich with sliced ham, cheese with whole rain mayo, crunchy iceberg lettuce and tomato

Crisp croissant sandwich filled with egg mayo mix and sliced avocado, sliced tomato and whole grain mayo sauce

Crispy croissant sandwich with shredded chicken mixed in Caesar sauce, hard-boiled egg slices, iceberg lettuce, and tomato