Indulge in a refreshing assortment of 30pcs of cream cheese filled mini tarts topped with fresh fruits.

This box offers 5 different flavours of fresh fruit tartlets with 6pcs each of strawberry, mango, grape, blueberry and gold leaf cherry tarts.

Suitable for 8-10 pax

A delightful assortment of 16pcs of premium cream cheese tarts topped with yogurt cream and fresh fruits.

Enjoy 4 variations of premium fresh fruit tartlets with 4pcs each of flavours strawberry, mango, grape, and a combination of the trio.

Savour the goodness with 16 pieces of assorted mini brownies.

This box consists of 4pcs each of 4 delectable cream toppings: chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, and matcha.

Enjoy 16 cups of fresh yogurt cream cakes featuring 4 different fruity flavors.

This box consists of 4 types of fresh yogurt cream cake with Paris Baguette’s soft cheesecake as base, topped with strawberry compote, blueberry, mango and grape.

Enjoy 25pcs of Paris’s Best Macaron. Made with French butter and 100% almond powder, this box allows you to experience 3 wonderful flavours of macaron: Chocolate, Blueberry and Vanilla.

Unwrap 16pcs of Paris Baguette’s French bear madeleines.

Indulge in a delightful variation of Vanilla and Chocolate flavoured bear shape madeleines.

Experience an assortment of 16 delightful treats, featuring 8pcs of soft cheesecake (original and strawberry) and 8pcs of French bear madeleines.

Every box includes 4 original cheesecakes and 4 strawberry cheesecakes, 4 chocolate-flavored and 4 vanilla-flavored bear madeleines.

A generous assortment of 24 chocolate-infused pastries.
This box features 6pcs each of 4 delicious pastries: Mini Choco Croissants, Mini Choco Twists, Mini Dark Choco French Pastries and White Choco French Pastries.

A rich assortment of 20 savoury and cheesy pastries.

This box features 5pcs each of 4 appetising pastries Mini Cheese Croissant, Mini Garlic Cream Cheese Croissant, Onion Cream Cheese Pie and Mini Cheese Sausage Croissant.