Three luscious layers of peach perfection in one bite: a velvety peach mascarpone cream cheesecake, swirled with ribbons of peach jelly, and crowned with fresh, juicy white peach slices

Mini delight with layers of Oolong white Choco ganache, juicy peach compote, along with fresh white peach and a sprinkle of pistachio

Miso Banana Cheesecake with caramelized walnut sauce with a good balance of sweet and salty flavours

Creamy yogurt mousse cake with fresh sweet strawberries with spongey ladyfingers.

Dark choco mousse with pistachio custard cream, cherry and cranberry compote and fresh choco cream.

Caramel cream, caramel mousse, dark chocolate crunch balls, topped with sea salted pretzels

Hazelnut mousse cake layered with vanilla sponge, nougat, hazelnut cream and coated with chocolates and crushed nuts

Moist and creamy mango mousse cake with refreshing lemon custard

Sliced tiramisu cake layered with coffee sponge, espresso, mascarpone cream coated with marble mirror glaze

A slice of rich chocolate cake topped with a choco fudge frosting