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Enjoy this traditional Korean tea made from premium dried magnolia berries with a refreshing modern twist, infused with sparkling water. ?❄️

Get your forks into layers of delicate caramel cream and heavenly caramel mousse, perfectly balanced with dark chocolate crunch balls with delightful combination of sea salted pretzels and Maltesers for an irresistible finishing touch. ??

Ever wanted to try our ????? ?????????? ?????? ????? ????, a blissful blend of juicy strawberries and creamy yogurt ? Or our ????? & ????? ?????? ????, a tantalizing combination of sweet mangoes and zesty lemons, beautifully harmonized in a fluffy mousse? ??

From today till’ 30 April, you can enjoy 3 bottles of the ????! ????? ????? ??????? for only $15 (U.P. $15.90)! 3️?