Sink into these fluffy buns packed with peach cream & filling, hugged in white choco β€” Pair with any of our soft bread as a bundle of 5 for $12.5! Grab this dough-licious treat today! πŸ˜‹βœ¨

Pick A Peach for Only $8 (U.P $10.9) after you purchase any of our sandwich or salad! πŸ₯—πŸŒ―

Spring into our elegantly indulgent… Peach Oolong Tea Cake with layers of Oolong white chocolate, peach compote, topped with white juicy peach & pistachio sprinkle OR Triple Peach Cheese Tart that has three luscious layers of peach perfection in one bite: peach mascarpone cheesecake, swirled with ribbons of peach jelly crowned with juicy peaches ━ Don’t miss out on this peachy offer that will make your taste buds dance! 😍