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Spring into our elegantly indulgent… Peach Oolong Tea Cake with layers of Oolong white chocolate, peach compote, topped with white juicy peach & pistachio sprinkle OR Triple Peach Cheese Tart that has three luscious layers of peach perfection in one bite: peach mascarpone cheesecake, swirled with ribbons of peach jelly crowned with juicy peaches ━ Don’t miss out on this peachy offer that will make your taste buds dance! 😍


Indulge in a tropical paradise with our Mangococo Bread! πŸ₯­πŸ₯₯

Soft cream bread filled with flavourful dried mango dices and coconut, topped with a sweet mango jam drizzle and sprinkled with delicate desiccated coconut. Every bite is a blissful escape to sunny shores! πŸŒ΄β˜€

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Indulge in our delightful Buttery Danish pastry, generously filled with luscious coconut and sweet dried mango. Topped with a burst of freshness from a mango jelly sphere, it’s like a tropical vacation in every bite!πŸŒ΄πŸ˜‹

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Experience the street food delicacy of Korea with the precise texture of chewy cheddar cheese bread resembling a tteokbokki. ? ??? Both skewers are coated with our mouthwatering K-style sweet and spicy gochujang sauce for an explosion of flavors. ??️