The sizzle may be gone after today, but the warmth of your support during our ?-????? ????? ???? campaign will definitely linger! ??

Due to popular demand, we are glad to announce that the ??????? ?????? ??? ????? will be a permanent product at all Paris Baguette outlets! ??

This delicious pastry features a crown of luscious egg yolk atop soft bread that is filled with spicy tuna and stir-fried kimchi mix. ?️??

Enjoy your weekend with the ????-????? ????-????? or ??-????? ??-?????! ??

Satisfaction for both your taste buds and your wallet guaranteed! ? *Additional charges apply to drinks priced more than $6.2. ☕

This is the your best chance to indulge the ?-????? ????? ???? fiery treats! ? Starting today, simply purchase any 5 ?-????? ????? ???? items* and get an additional 1 for FREE! ?

This 3 different flavoured mini sandwiches are sure to fill you up! ?? ?

This 3 new ??? and ????? pastry is available for selection for the 3 for $12.50 bundle*!

Experience the street food delicacy of Korea with the precise texture of chewy cheddar cheese bread resembling a tteokbokki. ? ??? Both skewers are coated with our mouthwatering K-style sweet and spicy gochujang sauce for an explosion of flavors. ??️

Tantalize your taste buds with the authentic flavors of Korean street food and pastries, with a subtle kick of spice. ?️