• 2020 August

Baguette made with premium wheat

Craving for crusty and savoury loaves?⁣ Baguette made with premium wheat, slowly fermented with minimum amount of yeast at low temperature for crusty texture⁣

  • 2021 June

Safe Drink Delivery

Fear no more of messy and spilt drinks from Paris Baguette. Because we got it all ‘covered’

  • 2021 October

Safe Cake Delivery

Prepare your sweet and comfortable celebration at home. Our consideration for your SAFE Cake Delivery.

  • 2021 September

Raisin Natural Yeast Bread

Soft and savoury Natural Yeast bread added with dried raisins

  • 2021 September

Premium Teatra Tea

Earl Grey & – A rich and elegant citrus savour, this unexpected blend of bergamot and lemon flavour has received the ‘Superior Taste Award’

  • 2021 September

Premium Teatra Tea

Floral Chamomile – Smooth chamomile tea blended with a range of the finest quality herbs and flowers for the perfect calming yet