• 2021 February

Korean Strawberry Fair

Feel the spring at its fullest! Paris Baguette present to you the premium strawberries in their best way possible

  • 2020 March

Say Cheers!

Get Ready to say ‘Cheers’' with Us! ? The First-Of-Its-Kind Rum-Infused Cream Croissants in Singapore

  • 2021 National Day

Croissant with Local Flavours

Let’s commemorate our nation’s 55th birthday with PB’s National Day Exclusive fresh cream filled croissants

  • 2021 National Day

5+5 Happy Pastries

Commemorate our nation's milestone 55th birthday together??⁣ Mix and match! Enjoy your choice of 10 pastries at its half price⁣

  • 2020 September

Take on a Tart Trip

Who else misses travelling? ?⁣⁣⁣⁣ Collection of 6 different tarts, each made with flavours representing your dream destination⁣?

  • 2020 Christmas

Gift of Cake

There’s nothing like the excitement of receiving gift on Christmas ?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣And what would be the better gift than a beautiful Christmas cake on your Christmas table?